In states like Victoria, VCE is the essential when the student reaches the 10th to 12th year of the education. Many students consider this not important and consider this as a burden but this is not true. The VCE is very much important if you are aiming for the tertiary education or even if you are looking for the employment in the near future. The VCE helps you recognize and give a valuable certification to your 12 years education.

VCE consists of many subjects and all these subjects are in different units. The most of the subjects in the VCE is related to English and since this is not just another English language subject, the students going for VCE often seek help and guidance from the VCE English tutor who is a tutor especially for the English subjects of the VCE. The common English language courses which are offered by almost all the schools and the institutions are the Foundation of the English, the English literature, English as an additional language and standalone English and English language courses. All these courses come on different units and are studied throughout the VCE certification program.

VCE is not the certification which is rigid in the courses but the students are given a wide variety of the subjects to choose from. Even in the subjects like the History students have the choice to choose the subjects on the topic which they find interesting. There are other languages as well which could be studied in the VCE and there is also a list of languages in these as well and students can have any of these based on their taste.

There are majorly two kinds of assessments which are done in the VCE. One is the internal assessment and the other is the external assessment. The internal assessment is the one which is done by the school itself and it has different exams to assess the VCE which include the SATs and SACs and the second assessment is done outside the school and on the scale, which is much larger and is conducted by the VCE administrative authorities. Both of these assessments are done to make sure that the students are evaluated fairly and there are no biased decisions. The test which is taken by the VCE authorities in the external assessment is the GAT which stands for the general achievement test. It is mandatory for all the students who are enrolled in the VCE.